Home Remedies For Fever Effective Natural Treatment

Elevation in body temperature is known as fever. This is a defense mechanism of our body against infection. Illness is caused due to the accumulation of morbid matter in our collection. Symptoms of fever may include the rise in body temperature, sweating, headache, dehydration, burning eyes, shivering, weakness, muscle aches, and lack of appetite. Look at Klikdokter.com Info Sehat if you want to know more about Health information from KlikDokter.

Fever Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for fever, which are simple to try at home and are effective when used properly. Some of the popular home remedies for fever are:

1. One of the effective home remedies for fever is to drink tea made from fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds contain quinine, which is very helpful in reducing temperatures. Drink this tea twice daily to benefit from it.

2. Saffron tea is also equally beneficial in treating illness. Take 30 ml of water and boil it. Add half teaspoon of saffron in it. Make a patient drink this tea after every hour until the temperature of the body returns to normal.

3. Take a tablespoon of honey and then add a few drops of ginger juice and lime juice in it. Now consume this honey. This is one of the efficient home remedies for fever.

4. Take 10 grams of fresh ginger and raisins. Crush them together. Now add this crushed mixture in 200 ml of water and wait for an hour. Boil this mixture until only 50 ml of water is left. Allow it to cool down a little bit and then drink this mixture. It can prove to be very beneficial in treating fever.

5. Take some holy basil leaves and boil them together with water (two cups) and add some honey to it. Allow it to cool down a bit and then drink this mixture.

6. While making your regular tea, you can add two teaspoons of ginger powder, half teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and two big cardamoms. Drink this tea to get relief from the fever.

7. Daily consume lots of leafy green vegetables. This will remove toxins from your body and will make your digestion healthy.

8. Raisin extracts are also very helpful in fighting a fever. Take half a cup of water and soak twenty-five raisins in it. Now crush these raisins in the same water. Strain this mixture and collect the water. This water will work as a tonic for treating fever. You can even add half a teaspoon of lime juice in this water to make it more useful. Take this tonic twice a day.

9. Take a cup filled with the fresh juice of apricot and then add one teaspoon of honey or glucose to this apricot juice. Mix them well and drink. This juice will not only give a cooling effect to the body but will also help in eliminating toxins from the body.

10. Grapefruit juice is also very effective in treating fever. All you need to do is mix grapefruit juice with water in equal quantities and drink. This juice will help in eliminating the burning sensation caused by the fever.

11. Take an onion and cut it into two halves. Now tie each barefoot with half an onion. This method is very useful in bringing down the temperature.

These were some of the most effective home remedies for fever, which are simple, secure, and cheap to use.